Festival Organizers:

Gender Reel's Organizing team consists of trans and gender diverse identified people from a range of backgrounds and identities. Gender Reel's organizing process takes place all year round and participants and volunteers involved in the process fluctuate yearly. Below is a list of 2020 organizing team. 

Administrative Team:



Joe Ippolito, is a Jewish trans person of masculine experience, who transitioned his gender from female to male 17 years ago. He is a Doctor of Psychology, clinician, researcher, writer, educator, filmmaker and activist. Joe founded Gender Reel in 2010 and has been organizing it since. Joe also produced and directed the film "Growing Old Gracefully: The Transgender Experience," and is currently embarking on developing his next documentary film, (in)VISIBLE, which explores the history of the trans masculine movement. 

Administrative Assistant

Monica Smith, is a queer-identified, gender fluid person, who moved to Minnesota from California a year ago. Monica is passionate about queer/trans issues and has over 15 years of experience working in the sales industry. She is the mother of 3 adult children and 4 fur babies. 



Josh Chang, is an Asian/Puerto Rican trans man, who is also a multi-media artist and activist. Josh has produced multi-media programs focusing on the lives of marginalized gender minorities. Josh's current project consists of producing a series of short films exploring the cultural history of Chinese immigration to Puerto Rico.


Jordan Gill, is a young trans man, who lives in St. Paul. Jordan's passions are in trans youth activism and disability issues.


Board Members:



Jayden Sampson, is a trans man of color, who has been actively involved in trans activism and organizing for the past 20 years. Jayden joined Gender Reel's Board in 2011 and remains committed to staying on with the organization until 2020. 


Wallace Burchett, is a queer identified AFAB person who works as an editor and videographer. Wallace has been working with Gender Reel for 4 years.


Donna Gust, is a queer-identified, gender diverse person, who has been volunteering with Gender Reel for the past three years. Ze has a Masters in Social Policy Administration, lives in St. Paul, and and is very passionate about trans issues. Ze's 10-year-old child is also trans identified and in the process of socially transitioning.


Alfred Santos, Audrey Burchett & Iz Massaro.

Fiscal Sponsor:

The Family Tree is Gender Reel's official Fiscal Sponsor.