2020 submission deadline: June15th. 

The 2020 submission process starts April 15, 2020. 

This years festival is a bit different than past years. Due to COVID-19, we will be hosting our 2020 festival online early this fall. Therefore, if you submit to Gender Reel 2020, you will be giving us permission to screen your film online. 

Gender Reel, prioritizes film submissions from trans and gender diverse people. 

We will consider a film created by non-trans filmmaker provided it is about trans and gender diverse people, images and experiences, and a trans or gender diverse person played a primary role in it's creation.  

We strongly encourage submissions from under-represented and marginalized parts of the trans and gender diverse community, such as trans people of color, gender diverse folks who are differently abled, etc.,

We also prefer films or media projects that are no more than two years old, but will make exceptions, on a case by case basis, if the film was released before 2017. 

Please fill out the submission form below. Include a VIMEO or Youtube link -- with password - if needed - at the end of the film description. If you prefer Dropbox, indicate this at the end of the film description and we will send you out a Dropbox invite to the email provided within 48 hours. 

If you are submitting more than one film/media program please fill out a separate form for each submission. 

Disclaimer: Any film accepted by Gender Reel will be mentioned in our 2020 marketing/promotional materials. We may also place a trailer of your film on our website. Additionally, your film will become part of Gender Reel's archive and, from time to time, may be screened at other Gender Reel events. However, filmmakers will be notified if this is happens and/or Gender Reel will follow all copyright related limitations posed by the filmmaker and/or distributor of the film.   

Questions regarding the submission process should be directed to Joe @ genderreelfest@gmail.com.