My Gender Reel!

Looking to host a Gender Reel event near you? Please read through the guidelines below and review our event rates. 

  • Individuals interested should contact Gender Reel no less than 8 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. 

  • A 25% partial deposit is required to reserve plans once a contract is signed.

  • A full refund will only be granted if the event is cancelled 30+ days before the event is scheduled, otherwise only a partial refund of 50% will be returned.  

  • Free and/or low cost screenings are offered on a case by case basis only, so please check in with us to see how we can help meet your needs. 


For Profit: $100.00 an hour -- This rate includes all film(s) screened.  

Non-Profit: $50.00 an hour -- This rate includes all film(s) screened. 

Additional fees:  Additional rates depend on the type of event being held. Fees can include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance putting together a panel discussion -- $25 an hour

  • A post-screening discussion with Gender Reel's Executive Director -- $100.

  • All travel and boarding costs -- plane, bus, hotel (paid for by hosting organization and/or group).

  • $75 stipend for each panelists who speaks at the event. 

Fee rate example:

$200.00 (2 hours @ the for profit rate)

$100.00 (Cost of ED's post-screening discussion)

$50.00 (2 hours of assistance planning event)

$150.00 (Cost for two local panelists). 


$500.00 (Paid out directly to Gender Reel, who will then

pay each panelist their stipend. $125.00 deposit required).