Gender Reel 2020

All Gender Reel events are FREE!

Gender Reel's 10th Annual Film Festival will be held October 1, 2020-November 1, 2020.


For 30 days, Gender Reel, will screen 20 amazing films on VIMEO. Ten films from our archive and ten newer releases. Additionally, we will host four Q&A's with trans filmmakers Brit Fryer, Isabel Sandoval, Sam Feder and Calpernia Adams. 

Information regarding how to access the films and participate in the our Zoom Q&A will be posted soon.


Zoom Q&A Special Guests

​Brit Fryer - Brit is a director and producer living in Brooklyn. Brits films include Caro Comes Out, Across, Beyond, and Over, Botanical Black, and trans·ience.  Brit is an alum of the Creative Culture Fellowship at Jacob Burns Film Center and the Sundance Ignite Fellowship. After graduating from Carleton College's Cinema and Media Studies Program, Brit, worked Programs and Member Services at the Writers Guild of America, East.


Isabel Sandoval - Isabel is a New York-based Filipina filmmaker. Her feature directorial debut, “Señorita,” premiered in competition at the 2011 Locarno Film Festival, and won the Emerging Director Award at the 2012 Asian-American International Film Festival in New York.

Sam Feder - is a director and producer whose films explore the intersection of visibility and politics along the lines of race, class, and gender in trans lives. Central to Sam's work is putting urgent activist issues into a historical context. Sam's most recent film, Disclosure, explores Hollywood's depiction of transgender people and the impact of this on American culture. This film can be screened through Netflix.

Calpernia Addams - is an American author, actress, musician, spokesperson and activist for the trans movement. Addams formed Deep Stealth Productions in 2002, coached Felicity Huffman for her Academy Award-nominated performance as a trans woman, Transamerica, in 2003 and starred on the reality television series, Transamerican Love Story in 2008. Addams, however, is best known for the 2003 film, Soilders Girl, which explored her real life romance with Army Soldier, Barry Winchell, who was murdered by fellow soldiers after they found out he was dating Addams.