Special Guests and Panelist Bios:

Gopal Shivakoti

Date: Friday, Oct 18th

Time: 6:00 PM - Following the film

Gai Jatra​​

Gopal Shivakoti is a documentary filmmaker from Nepal. He has been working in films and digital media since 2004. Primarily he is a visual editor who also does 2D animation, motion-graphics, and filming. He is a key resource person at “Young-Cuts! the filmmaking workshop” (in Kathmandu) for the past five years. His hobbies include Ethnology and documentary filming. 

Shaun Dawson

Date: Saturday, Oct 19th

Time: 2:15 PM - Following the film Assigned Sex. 

Shaun Dawson, is a non-binary documentary filmmaker dedicated to telling stories that break formal boundaries and communicate truths of the "other." Their short film debut, Assigned Sex, was completed in the spring of 2019. Shaun holds an MA in communications from the New York Institute of Technology, and a BS in marketing from Park University.

CeCe McDonald

Date:  Saturday, Oct 19th

Time: 5:00 PM - Following the film Where Justice Ends.

CeCe is a transgender activist and revered icon of the LGBTQ community. She captured international recognition in 2011 after surviving a white supremacist and transphobic attack, later receiving a second-degree manslaughter conviction and serving 19 months in prison simply for defending herself. She has been profiled in Mother Jones, Ebony.com, and Rolling Stone, the latter praising her as “an LGBT folk hero for her story of survival – and for the price she paid for fighting back.” In 2014, The Advocate included her among its annual "40 Under 40” list. That same year, she received the Bayard Rustin Civil Rights Award by the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club. She is the subject of the acclaimed documentary, “FREE CeCe,” produced by transgender actress Laverne Cox. Since her release, she has graced stages across the country where she uses storytelling to articulate the personal and political implications of being both black and trans. As one of the founders of the Black Excellence Collective and Black Excellence Tour, created with best friend Joshua Allen, she fosters important conversations around mass incarceration, sexuality, and violence. With energy and conviction, she highlights the hope she now fights for – that all LGBTQ people can live their lives free of hate and prejudice and confidently pursue their dreams without fear.

George Zuber

Date: Saturday, Oct 19th

Time: 6:00 PM -- Following the film

Where Justice Ends. 

Trans/Jewish Q&A Discussion

Date: Sunday, Oct 27th

Time: 4:30 PM -- Following the films Family in Transition & Iconoclast. 

Join Gender Reel, The Twin Cities Jewish Film festival and St. Paul's Jewish Community Center for a unique and interpersonal Q&A discussion following the screening of Family in Transition and Iconoclast. This discussion will focus on Jewish folks, who also identify as trans, gender non-conforming and/or queer.