2019 Film Descriptions: 

Assigned Sex: Religion and hyper-masculinity continue to be a powerful influence on how genderqueer people are treated in the Black community. In this documentary, the filmmaker presents uncomfortable perspectives from trans and cisgender people of color in hopes of reducing stigma, eliminating bias and increasing inclusion. (Filmmaker: Shaun Dawson; TRT: 30 Min; 2019).

Backup Plan: Fired for being trans, a devoted grade school teacher decides the only solution is suicide, but an unexpected visit complicates her plan. "Backup Plan" is a dark comedy about an unexpected encounter between an aspiring Shakespearean actor, his daughter, and a deeply depressed transgender woman. (Filmmaker: David Beck; TRT: 15 Min; 2018).

Family In Transition: The story of a family in Nahariya, a small traditional town in Israel, whose lives change completely after their father finally decides to tell his family that he's a transgender woman. Their mother chooses to stay with her spouse through the whole process, but just as it seems that life is back to normal, she takes a sharp turn and shakes everything up again. (Filmmaker: Ofir Trainin; TRT: 70 Min; 2018)

Gai Jatra: This short film celebrates the Gai JatraFestival, an annual festival in Nepal. During the festival, members of the LGBTQI community appear in public, flaunt their true selves with pride and pay tribute to people in the LGBTQI who have died (Filmmaker: Key Cast; TRT: 20 Min; 2018).

Iconoclast:  A mixed-race African-American, Jewish, and gay teenager struggles to find himself as living visions of his internal battle threaten to tear his world apart (Filmmaker: Alex Haney; TRT: 6 Min; 2017)

Myra: A trans sex worker in the Spanish barrio finds herself in an unwanted love triangle with a notorious gang leader while two drug organizations battle for supremacy suddenly finds herself tangled in a world of chaos and deceit. (Filmmaker: Christopher Baiza; TRT: 54 Min; 2019).

Penny Girl: ‘Jeneece Edroff’ raised millions in pennies for sick kids while undergoing dozens of surgeries as a young survivor of a rare genetic disorders. Streets were named in her honour, she carried the Olympic torch, was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, hung out with Taylor Swift and appeared on countless TV programs. But what if Canada’s beloved “Penny Girl” isn’t a girl at all? Now, Frankie Edroff, is shedding his public image to embrace his ferocious independence as a proud trans man. Through his bold, loving and hilarious good nature, Frankie, continues to heal, inspire and unite youth and families while having to balance his own mental and physical health. (Filmmaker:Joseph Boutilier; TRT: 30 Min; 2019).

Revelo” (“I reveal”): Johnny and Aidan (the filmmaker) have been meeting  and traveling together for 4 years. This film explores their journey together, presenting aspects of Johnny’s life and process as a trans* person, reconsidering binary codes and other life patterns. (Filmmaker: Aidan Jara; TRT: 68 Min; 2018).

TransGeek: is a documentary exploring the intersection of gender identity and geek culture. We interview people working in science, technology, gaming, science fiction/fantasy, and other geekish pursuits; to give voice to their stories. We explore how people express their authentic selves through geek culture; and how their gender identities have affected their professional development. (Filmmaker: Kevin McCarthy; TRT: 82 MIN; 2018). 

Where Justice Ends: Where Justice Ends is at the intersection of two important and timely topics of social justice — conditions within the U.S. prison system and the injustices that befall transgender people encountering the law.  Where Justice Ends looks into why so many transgender people encounter the police, how those encounters often lead to discriminatory treatment, and the inhumane conditions that transgender people all too frequently experience. Told through the words of transgender inmates and experts, and narrated by the Tony award-winning stage, screen and TV actor Brian Stokes Mitchell, Where Justice Ends casts a light on one of the most hidden social injustices in our country. (Filmmaker: George Zuber; TRT: 51 Min; 2018).