Film Archive Information:

Over the past 7 years, Gender Reel has screened over 200 independent short and feature films created mostly by trans and gender diverse people about the lives and experiences of trans and gender diverse people. We are extremely proud of the work we have done to bring these under-represented, marginalized voices to communities around the country and remain committed to doing so in the future.

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Details about our archive: 

  • Films are listed in alphabetical order.  

  • Films contain the name of the filmmaker, year it was released, length of the film (TRT) and a brief description of what the film is about. 

  • Films available for screening through Gender Reel are listed in blue.

  • Films not available for screening through Gender Reel are listed in white. (If you are interested in seeing one of these films you need to contact the filmmaker directly.)

  • Based on copy write limitations, Gender Reel is only able to lend out certain films. Additionally, there may be additional restrictions on what "lending" out a film looks like. Any restrictions regarding individual films will be conveyed once correspondence is established with the person looking to borrow it. 

  • Gender Reel does not charge for borrowing a film, but will happily accept a donation to help support this important archive program.

  • If you are interested in borrowing a film please fill out and submit the form below.

All any questions regarding our archive program should be directed to Joe